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The University of Sydney Residential Colleges form the oldest and most respected collegiate system within Australia, renowned both for the strength and independence of the individual colleges and the spirit of the community as a whole. The six residential colleges are:

There are two other Halls of Residence which are not members of Intercol but who take part in the Palladian Cup (for performing arts, debating and oration), they are:

The objectives of Intercol are set out in the Constitution as being:
  • To promote Inter-Collegiate social, intellectual and cultural interests, efforts and activities in the Colleges
  • To promote and to have sole control of all Inter-Collegiate sporting competitions and activities
  • To promote the corporate views or desires of the Colleges in connection with any proposal, question or action that may affect them
  • To appoint and instruct delegates to represent the Colleges and their corporate view on any body
  • Generally to promote and to preserve the welfare of the Colleges and their members